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Top Most Healthiest Almond Butters

What are the Healthiest Almond Butters? Healthy fats, protein, and other nutrients are abundant in almond butter. They make a tasty snack whether spooned straight from the jar or spread on fruit or vegetable pieces. They are also great in French toast, jam sandwiches, smoothies, pastries, and other dishes.

Because of the protein and fiber content, almond butter lowers cardiovascular disease and enhances appetite.

Almond butter is a savior for people who are allergic to peanuts and has an outstanding nutritional profile to match. If you have recently strolled through your supermarket’s almond butter department, you have probably noticed that there are various categories of this nutty staple to select.

The best almond butter combines minimum ingredients to deliver plant-based protein and lipids, whether creamy or crunchy.

We will discuss the top healthiest almond butter in this article.

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Buying Guide For Top Most Healthiest Almond Butters

Almond butter is nothing more than almonds and perhaps a pinch of salt to bring out the nutty taste. Almonds offer so many health advantages it is not surprising that the best almond butter is also nutritionally dense.

When looking for the topmost healthiest almond butter, take into account the following aspects.

It Is Preferable To Have Fewer Ingredients

Before you buy almond butter, always read the label to see what is in it. If you are trying to limit your salt and sugar intake, look for a product with minimal or no added salt or sugar. Choose a USDA Organic or Non-GMO almond butter if the quality is important to you.

Palm oil is commonly used as a stabilizer in nut butter to keep the solids and oils from separating. While a small amount of the substance is acceptable, avoid nut butter that is high in palm oil or similar ingredients like palm kernel oil and coconut oil.

Although they are plant-based oils, they are rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats have been shown to have a detrimental influence on cholesterol levels and heart health, therefore they should be avoided in your diet.

Artificial additives, such as sweeteners and colors, should be avoided. Choose a product that is ethically sourced almond butter contains palm oil.


Almond butter comes in a range of packaging options. It might be in a glass jar, plastic jar, single-serve package, or even a pouch. Choose a product manufactured in a glass jar if you care about recycling or reusing jars. Single-serve squeeze packets may be the ideal solution for you if you enjoy your almond butter on the go.


Almond butter is available in many tastes, including basic and natural, vanilla, maple, and even chocolate-inspired varieties. It is worth noting that flavored almond butter often has additional sugar, so double-check the nutrition label before buying. Unsweetened almond butter is the best low-sugar option in terms of nutrients.

Sodium Content

Some almond butter brands may include salt in the recipe. Blood pressure and water retention can be affected by the quantity of salt you consume. Keep your salt consumption under control as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Salt has sodium as one of its components. If you are deciding between two almond butter, go for the one with the lowest Sodium content.

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Almond Butter Advantages

Almonds are abundant in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and are nutritious. Almonds provide many health advantages.

  1. Almonds have antioxidants, which help protect your cells from oxidative damage, a significant cause of disease and aging.
  2. Almonds are a well-known tree nut. Almonds are a good source of monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein, and other nutrients.
  3. Magnesium is abundant in almonds, which is a nutrient that many people need. Metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes may benefit from a high-magnesium diet.
  4. Almonds are one of the best sources of vitamin E in the world. Getting enough vitamin E from the diet has been linked to a variety of health advantages.
  5. One or two handfuls of almonds per day can lead to minor decreases in “bad” LDL cholesterol, potentially lowering heart disease risk.
  6. Low magnesium levels are closely connected to high blood pressure, indicating that almonds can help in blood pressure regulation.
  7. Even though almonds are abundant in calories, they do not appear to cause weight gain. Some research even suggests the reverse, claiming that almonds can help you lose weight.
  8. Nuts are high in protein and fiber but low in carbohydrates. Almonds and other nuts have been shown in studies to increase fullness and help you eat fewer calories.
  9. Oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol is a critical step in the development of heart disease. Almonds lower oxidized LDL cholesterol levels significantly.

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Top Most Healthiest Almond Butters In The World

BARNEY Almond Butter

We refer to Barney Butter as almond butter because it is made as a healthier alternative to peanut butter. It is the one that will persuade even the most persistent peanut butter addict to switch to a healthier option. What is the secret? A Skin-Free almond is their hallmark move! The flavor and texture of Barney Skin-Free nut butter are identifiably Barney.

Extra smooth, with no grit or bitterness. It is only a matter of tasting the difference. At Barney, they believe in the power of the almond and consider it to be the ideal meal. They start with the finest grade and quality almond available, then remove the skin to make it even better than you imagined.

Try this if you want the healthful option of almond butter but don’t like the grittiness of typical butter. It has a great flavor and is smooth.

Keto Almond Butter With MCT Oil And Macadamia Nuts

It is the best almond butter for weight loss. This product is produced using Macadamia Nuts, which are nutrient-dense, low-carb super nuts. That is why they factored them into their formula. These superfood nuts help with blood sugar control, weight loss, inflammation reduction, and ketosis.

Coconut MCT Oil is used to make it. MCTs are digested differently than other fats because they are quickly turned into ketones.

This product with no added sugar, low carb add almond butter to your favorite low-carb keto yogurt or smoothie for a perfect keto snack. It is best with celery or drizzled over a square of dark chocolate for a keto dessert.

It contains just 1g of net carbs per serving. This almond butter has no artificial colors or flavors.

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Kirkland Signature Almond Butter is nothing more than roasted almonds that have been crushed into a delicious, creamy spread. The nutritional content of almonds is preserved due to mild processing. It is Creamy almond butter made with roasted almonds. also smooth and unsalted with non-GMO.

A fantastic choice for travel if you want to take your almond butter with you but want more than what comes in a single-serving bag.

When combined with plain yogurt and artificial sweetener, it is a delicious combination. To prepare a terrific breakfast that tastes great and is beneficial for you, add protein and great flavor. The Kirkland brand is the most affordable and has the best flavor and consistency.

Justin’s Cinnamon Almond Butter

Justin Gold’s innovations have transformed nut butter by using a one-of-a-kind grinding process. This process combines high-quality, naturally delicious ingredients with taste, texture, and nutrition since the first batch of nuts entered Justin Gold’s food processor in his home kitchen.

Justin spent two years perfecting this method, and the proof is in every taste. Justin’s purpose is to elevate the foods we love through an unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community. These goods are created with the utmost care and attention to detail. And selecting high-quality, all-natural components will improve the flavor. They believe you will agree.

Justin is known for its delectable almond butter, available in many flavors such as Chocolate Hazelnut, Honey Almond, Vanilla Almond, and Cinnamon Almond.

This mixture makes a creamy, protein-rich nut butter that goes great on a sandwich, in a smoothie, or in a bowl of oatmeal. It is smooth to spread because it does not need to be refrigerated.

Once Again Organic Creamy Blanched Almond Butter

What distinguishes blanched almond butter as a keto-friendly choice? It has only one gram of carbohydrate per serving, making it ideal for almond butter fans as well as those following a low glycemic index diet. Blanching almonds removes the outer layer of the nut, revealing the pleasantly delicious inside as well as a lighter texture and color.

The nature of this almond butter makes it a very flexible ingredient. The sauce-like texture of blanched almond butter makes it easy to digest and delicious in dishes like almond milk, smoothies, soup bases, stir-fries, salad dressings, and vegetable or fruit dips. There is only one ingredient in their blanched almond butter: almonds! Unsweetened and unsalted.

Their almonds come from Italy, Spain, and California and are sourced.  It is made in a facility that does not use peanuts. USDA Organic, Honest in Trade, Gluten-Free, Keto, Vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO Verified certifications are available. There are no additional preservatives.

Some almond butter is prone to cross-contamination with gluten-containing cereals; however, the National Celiac Association has certified Once Again’s product as gluten-free. Once Again is dedicated to environmental, supply chain, and overall food sector sustainability. Once Again employs renewable energy, selects environmentally friendly goods, and uses glass jars that are simple to discard or reuse.

Barney Butter Powdered Almond Butter, Unsweetened

This product is made in a facility that does not use peanuts. This product is produced in a facility that also processes coconut. Tree nuts are present (almonds). Produced in a gluten-free-only production facility. This product is labeled according to US regulations and its contents, labeling, and allergy warnings may differ from identical goods sold abroad.

Barney almond powder is defatted without the use of any chemicals. After the almond is “softened” up, which makes it simpler to squeeze more of the oils out of the almond, some firms employ a chemical to enhance the yield of powder extracted. Barney’s almond powder is made from 100 percent natural almonds that have been expeller-pressed (cold-pressed method to extract the oils from the almonds).

In Barney’s powder, there is only one component which is almond. Zer0 sugars, 6g protein, 1g fat, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto, peanut-free facility Barney’s normal almond butter has 45 calories and 43 percent fewer carbohydrates.

Artisana Organics Raw Almond Butter

It is one of the best almond butter without palm oil. There is no added sugar. The best almond butter available. Nuts contain 1 gram in their natural state. Ingredients are listed as raw almonds on the label. That’s all there is to it; raw almonds. Give it a go. As the oil separates from the nuts, it will need to be stirred. When almonds are crushed, natural oil is released.

It is the best organic almond butter. Their nuts are sourced from farmers who work in harmony with the land and treat their workers fairly and respectfully.

To protect fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. Their organic foods are made in small batches using a temperature-controlled process.

Raw almonds are the only ingredient, which means they have never been heated or treated. You’ll love the pure, clean taste whether you put it in smoothies, spread it on bread, or eat it straight from the jar.

Their almond butter is always vegan, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and R.A.W. certified, making it ideal for vegan, plant-based, keto, and paleo diets.

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Woodstock Lightly Toasted Almond Butter

The almonds are pasteurized using steam. Steam treatments are just for the surface of the skin. The industry is presently using many unique steam treatments that fulfill USDA Organic Program criteria. The nutritious value of the almond is unaffected by the brief blasts of steam. Proteins are not “cooked” in these procedures, and vitamins and minerals are not destroyed.

It is one of the best almond butter for diabetics. Add this wonderful Woodstock almond butter to your shopping list if you are trying to cut back on sugar and salt. Salt is added to enhance the flavor and texture of some nut butter. Woodstock Lightly Toasted Unsalted Almond Butter is the best choice if you want almond butter with many flavors but no sodium.

They are pasteurized as are all almonds sold commercially in the United States, but without the application of the harmful PPO. It has a thin, liquid viscosity that makes it simple to mix and apply. Natural, high-quality almond butter is a fantastic addition to paleo cuisine.

You may use it to make paleo bread, pancakes, and other grain-free desserts by combining them with bananas and eggs.

Georgia Grinders Almond Butter Salt-Free

It is made with the best almond butter recipe without salt. Roasting and grinding non-GMO Almonds to perfection is the secret to the wonderfully delicious flavor! There are no additional sugars, oils, preservatives, or emulsifiers in any of the Natural almond butter. Roasted Almonds are the only ingredients.

This well-balanced almond butter has a mix of dietary fiber, fat, and protein, with 7 grams of protein and 7 grams of carbohydrates, or 4 grams of net carbs per 2-tablespoon (32-gram) dose – all of which can help keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

This product has only one ingredient slow-roasted almonds from California. A combination of crunchy almonds is in their trademark almond butter texture. One of their five Whole30 Approved items is this, The Salt-Free Almond Butter is an excellent choice for people who want to cut back on salt while still enjoying the high quality of their premium goods.

Wild Friends Foods Almond Butter

Their almond butter is non-GMO and made using domestically farmed almonds from California. They distinguish themselves by having simple ingredient lists, low sugar content, and no preservatives or additives.

All of their almond butter is dairy-free. The Non-GMO Project has verified all of its goods as non-GMO. They do not use Palm Fruit Oil, emulsifiers, or stabilizers in their products.

Although many almond kinds of butter are thick and spreadable, a drop of almond butter on top of a smoothie bowl, porridge, or even a bowl of fruit may add a subtle flavor boost. These products are delicious straight off the spoon, but they are also fantastic in smoothies, cookies, energy bites, and more!

Wild Friends Classic Creamy Almond Butter offers the right creamy texture for the ultimate almond butter drizzle. It has a rich almond taste and a considerably thinner than the others on our list, so it drips straight off your spoon—no melting needed. It is made with only two ingredients: roasted almonds and sea salt. Very rich and creamy, and it is also great for spreading.

Wild Friends dry roasts and double-grinds their almonds to get an ultimate butter texture.  It is produced in the United States. Each jar contains almond butter that is easy to spread or spoon and may be enjoyed with many dishes.

Product Comparison

Almond ButtersMain IngredientsSuitable ForPrice
BARNEY Almond ButterSkin-free Blanched Almonds, Organic and Fair Trade Cane Sugar, Palm Fruit Oil, and Sea SaltWeight Loss and Body Metabolism$12
KETO Almond ButterAlmonds, Macadamia Nuts, Sea Salt, and MCT OilBlood Sugar, Weight Loss, Inflammation, and Ketogenic Diet$16
KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Creamy Almond ButterRoasted Almonds,Health, Digestive System$12.99
Justin’s Cinnamon Almond ButterDry Roasted Almonds, Organic Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Organic Cinnamon, and Sea SaltWeight Loss, and Gluten Allergic People$42
Once Again Organic Almond ButterOrganic Blanched AlmondsDigestion and Diabetes$22.46
BARNEY Unsweetened Almond ButterSkin-free Blanched AlmondsWeight Loss and  Diabetes$14
ARTISANA Organic Raw Almond ButterRaw Organic AlmondsPeanut and Dairy Allergic People,$20
Woodstock Lightly Toasted Almond ButterLightly Dried Unblanched Pasteurized AlmondsHigh Blood Pressure People and Diabetes$16
Georgia Grinders Salt Free Almond ButterRoasted AlmondsWeight Loss and Metabolism$11.99
Wild Friends Foods Almond ButterRoasted Almonds and Sea SaltDigestive System$21

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Consuming Too Much Almond Butter Harmful?

Due to its lack of carbohydrates and abundance of protein and good fat, almond butter is a dietitian’s greatest friend since it fills you up and keeps you content. If consumed in moderation, it is a healthy source of fiber. Oxalates are abundant in almonds (and almond butter). You should avoid almond butter or restrict your consumption if you have a history of kidney stones or are at risk of getting them.

Q. Is Almond Butter Healthier Than Peanut Butter?

Because it contains more vitamins, minerals, and fiber, almond butter is healthier than peanut butter. Although both nut butter is similar in terms of calories and sugar, peanut butter has more protein than almond butter.

Q. Is Almond Butter A Good Source Of Anti-Inflammatory Properties?

Potassium is an electrolyte that the body needs to operate properly. Vitamin E is abundant in almond butter and peanut butter. Vitamin E lowers the risk of heart disease and inflammation.

Q. Is Almond Butter Good To Eat Before Going To Bed?

Magnesium, a muscle-relaxing mineral, is found in almonds and plays an important role in sleep regulation. Before night, eat a handful of almonds or a spoonful of almond butter to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Q. Is It True That Almond Butter Causes Acne?

Although it is uncertain if almonds promote acne, the idea derives from the fact that almonds are high in omega-6 fatty acids. While these fatty acids are good for you, too much of them might cause inflammation in your body. Acne or, at the very least, redness on the skin can be caused by inflammation.


There are many fantastic alternatives on the market, such as the ones listed above. When picking the top healthiest almond butter, it is vital to examine the quality and ingredients. I looked at a variety of goods and brands while creating this post.

Barney Almond Butter is a versatile product that may be used for spreading, drizzling, or mixing. Try Justin’s, Cinnamon Almond

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