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Hibiscus Tea Flower Benefits:

Hibiscus Tea Flower Benefits: When it comes to choosing the proper tea, everyone has a preference. From going for lemon tea to choosing green tea, interest indeed varies.

However, it is uncommon to find flowers being among the mix of tea drinks anyone will want to try. I mean, aren’t they for ornamental purposes?

True, most flowers serve ornamental functions, but what if I told you that some are multipurpose? Still, doubting? I understand, which is why the article today is set to highlight the fantastic benefits of the hibiscus tea flower. Before hitting the bull’s eye, let’s get to the basics, what is the hibiscus flower?

What is The Hibiscus Flowers?

Originally an African plant, the hibiscus flower is a large bell-shaped flowering plant grown in different varieties for different functions. It is an annual crop that has species and colors that range from white to purple, lavender to pink, and contains a nutrient that is of immense benefit to the human system.

From Beauty to being used as an ornamental plant for your house, the function of the hibiscus flower is multifaceted, and many dubbed it the magic plant.

Hibiscus Flowers come in different color shades and different nutrients packed as their coloration; they are rich in iron, phosphorus, vitamins, and other essential minerals and attest to the diverse health function of this plant.

The excellent thing about the hibiscus plant is that, unlike most hardly edible flowers, some parts can be eaten and even turned into that drink you could be sipping on your balcony. Well, isn’t that why this article was written?

Hibiscus Tea Flower

Apart from using the hibiscus flower as an ornamental plant for your house, it is interesting to know that the flowers can be turned into the tastiest tea drink you have ever tasted.

Hibiscus needs no unique technicalities when used for food. It involves a simple process of converting either your freshly picked flowers or the dried flowers to liquid and adding it to the serving of baked biscuits or cookies, cold or warm.

Remember when I said that the hibiscus flower has a lot of health benefits? Well, the only way you can fully understand the health side of this flower is when you try including it in your diet, and while you are making these plants, let me show you the potential health benefits this plant has and its use for your health.


Nutritional Benefits of the Hibiscus tea flower

There’s much you can get from hibiscus tea due to its nutritional composition, and there’s no denying that you will get a run for your money when it comes to drinking its tea.

Here is one of the top three benefits of drinking tea from the Roselle plant, otherwise known as the hibiscus flower:

Relieves Muscle Spasms

That sudden numbness you feel in your leg can be soothed by drinking the hibiscus tea flower. The iron and calcium component of the plant works very well in combating the numbness and creating a catalyst to send sensors to the affected part. Clear off any muscle tingling by taking the Hibiscus tea flower.

Blood Lowering Pressure

The hibiscus plant is known to contain specific Vitamins and fatty complexes that aid in reducing our sugar level (which is responsible for our blood pressure) that help bring down our pressure; a leading cause of strokes and hypertension.

While it is advised that those seeking to cut down their sugar level take this, there is a warning to those with chronic heart conditions as it may alter blood circulation. It is best to consult with your doctor.

Antioxidant Activities

From radicals affecting certain areas of our bodies to flushing and g toxic chemicals off our digestive system, the hibiscus plant packs a lot of wonders when taken into our body.

The tea contains essential nutrients like; phosphorus and another antimicrobial acid that fights off toxicity and gives us that fresh and healthy feeling associated with drinking.

Other benefits you get from taking the Hibiscus tea flower include: fighting off Cancer, supporting digestion, as an excellent way to reduce weight, etc. You wouldn’t want to lose out on these benefits, would you?

How to make the Hibiscus Tea Flower

Hibiscus tea flower can be served either hot or cold, is easy to prepare, and can be taken anytime you want. However, you must follow through with the proper preparation to get the best out of your Roselle.

The ingredients you’d need to make your hibiscus drink are given below:

  • Freshly cut or dried hibiscus flower.
  • A cup of water.
  • Sweetener (honey or any sweetener of your choice).
  • Other herbs like mint, basil, or parsley to add( optional).

Before preparation, certain particular hibiscus flowers should be removed, significantly if they are freshly cut.

The other stem inside the flower should be removed, as well as the green part attaching the flower to the stem; what you’d want to use is the flower itself and not its residue

Preparing the hibiscus drink isn’t that hard; here are some steps to take to make that tasty hibiscus tea:

Steps to prepare the hibiscus tea

  • Sieve/ remove unwanted parts of the flower to ensure quality brew.
  • Add water to the hibiscus plant sitting in a pot and boil for 5 minutes.
  • After the flower is boiled, put it down and add your sweetener.
  • Keep aside for at least 15-20 minutes to allow it to cool off.
  • Add your herbs to spice up the drink.
  • Your hibiscus tea flower is ready.

Again, preparing hibiscus tea flowers isn’t tricky. With these steps, you should be able to make your tea.

To wrap up

There’s so much to do with the hibiscus flower, from keeping these flowers for beautification purposes to adding them to your mix of cosmetics and even taking them as reasonable. The plant is in every way a jack of all trades.

Furthermore, the Hibiscus Tea Flower Benefits are plenty. just give it a try, this flower tea is known to assist in every way when it comes to certain kinds of cancer, stomach trouble, and the removal of free radicals.

With all these benefits, it is only proper to incorporate this plant as a drink in your diet to enjoy the advantage of being packed with. Until next time, Adios!


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