Foods that boost your mood and energy

Foods are sometimes your best friend when you are depressed and feeling down. There are certain foods that instantly lift your mood and energy when consumed. An improper diet can result in annoyance and low energy levels. Therefore, eating healthy meals is a good way to keep depression at bay.

The food we eat has numerous active compounds that impact the body in different ways. Some of these can increase hormone production. While others affect different organs of the body, including the brain. There are several foods that available to boost your mood and energy level. These foods can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to boost your mood and energy level.

This article will list some major foods that boost your mood and energy.


Chocolates are your best companion whenever you feel down. Because of its incredible taste and texture, chocolate has become one of the best mood food.

Cocoa, the core ingredient of chocolate, contains flavonoids. These are responsible for various health benefits of chocolates.

Many studies report that flavonoid improves cognitive function. Moreover, serotonin present in chocolate can reduce depression and improve mood.

Since most of these benefits come from cocoa, it is better to select high cocoa chocolates.

In addition to health benefits, chocolate is also a calorie-rich food. Therefore, eating chocolate will make you feel fuller and active.

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Banana provides excellent nutrition. As they are full of health-friendly nutrients and compounds.

They are rich in potassium and fibers. Moreover, they are a calorie-dense food that can provide you instant energy.

Adding a single banana (~126g) provides 112 calories to the diet. Therefore, it is an excellent snack for highly active people. Furthermore, a banana shake can act as a power-dense snack.

Additionally, bananas contain tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. Hence, eating bananas will help you relax and improve your mood.

Green Tea

Green tea and its compounds are responsible for many health benefits. Among them, one is improved brain function and mood enhancement.

Teas, in general, could help you relax, however, green teas are better for mood swings. Because they are low in caffeine and may increase dopamine and serotonin hormone production.

Moreover, studies have indicated that green tea may help in reducing depression.


A single bowl of oats is a full meal packed with nutrients and energy. Furthermore, adding fruits and milk to your oats is a cherry on top.

Oats can add up to 400 calories to the meal. Moreover, it is packed with health loving nutrients like dietary fibers and iron.

Additionally, a diet rich in fibers improves blood sugar levels. It is possible that high blood sugar is responsible for mood swings like anger and sadness. Therefore, balancing blood sugar levels has a positive effect on your overall mood.

Similarly, vitamin B-6 in oats may also help in improving blood sugar levels.

The rich amount of iron in oats may also improve mood swings in people with iron deficiency.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables can be an excellent source of energy. Since raw green leafy vegetables are low in calories, you can eat them as much as you want.

The chances of gaining weight by eating them are also low. Moreover, all of these greens are brimming with healthful nutrients.

These are excellent sources of iron and folate. As discussed earlier, iron may help improve mood swings in anemic patients.

In addition to that, folate can play a role in reducing anxiety and stress. This in turn contributes to a positive mood. Similarly, magnesium in leafy greens works well in improving mood too.


Similar to leafy vegetables, berries are also low in calories. The weight change by consuming too many berries is also negligible.

Moreover, they are low in sugars. Therefore, they hardly cause an increase in blood sugar levels. This results in elevated mood and an instant energy boost.

Furthermore, flavonoid compounds in blueberries help in reducing depression.

Berries are a perfect addition to your daily meal. Especially, if you enjoy snacking. There are many options among berries. These include strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

So, enjoy the berries by consuming them raw, making smoothies, or however you prefer.

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Not drinking enough water can a major reason for mood swings and annoyance. Dehydration can result in confusion, dizziness, low concentration power, and insomnia.

Additionally, sometimes a low amount of water in the body causes you to eat more. Therefore, a low water intake also affects satiety and satisfaction.

There are also studies that link water intake with changes in mood and emotions. People who drink less water suffered from negative effects, whereas people with high water intake had improved mood.

So, if you are feeling anxious and annoyed for no reason, try drinking some water. It can do miracles for both your mind and body.

Whole Grains

The best way to stay energetic for a long time is by adding whole grains to your plate. Most of the whole grains are packed with fibers and beneficial proteins.

They are also a good source of micronutrients like iron and magnesium. Both of these play a role in mood enhancement. Moreover, whole grain has the ability to lower your blood sugar level.

Additionally, proteins like tryptophan help in serotonin production which keeps you happy and relax. There are also claims that indicate the association between whole grains and serotonin production.

Therefore, enjoy your whole grains and have a joyful day.

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For seafood lovers, fish is an excellent choice when you are feeling down. Since omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are best against depression and overall brain functioning.

These fatty acids also improve memory and focus. Because of its numerous benefits, fish oil is now available in markets in form of supplements.

Moreover, fish has an excellent amount of proteins, vitamin B-12, and iron. All of these could contribute to a better mood.

Furthermore, eating fish provides you with a good amount of calories that keep you full for a long time.


Caffeine in coffee is an excellent compound that provides instant energy to the consumer. They are also responsible for a better mood, especially in the morning.

Coffee is also zero in calories unless you add sugar and milk to it. The active compound present in coffee, like magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants has many health benefits. They may also be responsible for a better mood.

Therefore, enjoy a cup of coffee once in a while if you are feeling down.

A little caffeine is acceptable every day. However, drinking too much caffeine can have negative effects and may cause more problems than benefits.

Caffeine intoxication and addition may lead to anxiety and depression instead of reducing it. Therefore, watch your intake when drinking coffee or other caffeine-rich beverage.

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These are the foods that boost your mood and energy and they will help you to lift your spirits to a certain extent. However, it should be noticed that none of these is a cure for depression. Neither are these foods a treatment for certain diseases. But definitely improve your mood and energy level. If you are having serious health issues, then it is best to seek experts for a solution.

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