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Amazing Facts About Lemon

Since the start of the 21st century, people are showing a changing attitude toward their lifestyle. A growing trend is observed where people prefer to eat functional foods to take some health benefits in return. Now people are more conscious about their health and prefer to eat fresh fruit and vegetables that help against degenerative diseases. Fruits and vegetables with phytochemicals, alkaloids, and flavonoids are gaining importance from a clinical and nutritional point of view. Lemon is one of the functional food you can add to your meal in a variety of ways.

This article is about one of the functional food ‘lemon’ enabling you to explore its amazing facts and health benefits.

Lemon as a functional food

Lemon ‘the functional food’ ‘belonging to the family ‘Rutaceae’ is an amazing and decent source of nutrients with lots of health benefits. Having origin from South Asia, lemon has gained a reputation as a” medicinal fruit” being evident by having a look at its multiple health benefits.

Nutritional facts

A 100g of raw peel-less lemon provides 29 Kcal of energy with minor availability of fat up to 0.30g.

Dietary Fiber2.8g
Vitamin C53.8mg
Vitamin B60.080mg

In addition to this, other nutrients are also present in trace amounts that increase the health benefits of lemon. These are phosphorous, zinc, potassium and magnesium, etc.

Uses of Lemon

Lemon is a very old functional fruit that is used in beverages, jams, boosting drinks, snacks, candies, and many other products. Not only this but lemon peel benefits are evident from the uses of its oil in cosmetics, mouthwashes, disinfectants, hair oils, and soft drinks concentrates.

Health benefits of lemon

Lemon is an amazing fruit. The Health benefits of lemon are marvelous in all the forms it is being consumed. Whether you take it in solid food, drink lemon water, or make a combination with any other ingredient, it will reduce the risk of degenerative diseases as well as keep you fresh and smart.

Benefits of lemon water in the morning

you can start your day with one glass of lemon water (squeeze half lemon in one glass of lukewarm water). This will bring lots of health benefits. This half lemon contains the sixth portion of vitamin C /day adding just 6Kcal of energy to your body. Drinking lemon water in the morning is beneficial for hydration effects, anti-oxidation, and weight loss. It is the best solution to use lemon water for those people who are sensitive to caffeine as it is a healthier alternative to coffee and tea.

Lemon for weight loss

Lemon has a polyphenol antioxidant that helps prevent weight gain when taken in the morning as it creates a feeling of fullness in an empty stomach. Chia seeds and lemon, green tea with lemon, or any other form of lemon drink is useful in the weight loss journey.  Lemongrass tea removes toxins from the body and boosts the metabolic system making the weight loss journey more effective.

Reduces kidney stones

As lemon belongs to the genus citrus, it has a bulk quantity of citric acid that has ‘citrate’ as its major component. Citrate is very helpful in making the urine less acidic and breaking small stones in the kidney. So, people who are naturally deficient in citrate can take hot lemon water before bed to increase citrate content. This will also make them hydrated by providing natural fluid.

Benefits of lemon water for skin

Skin is also benefited from lime juice. It has purification properties to remove impurities, sweat pores, and acne. Drinking lemon water with honey or applying it to the skin as a lemon-honey mask is helpful to remove dead skin and rashness and adds a shiny glow.  Lemon water contains flavonoids that act as disinfectants when applied to the skin by allowing the removal of dandruff, cures, and bad odors.

The surprising effect of lemon ginger tea before bed

Herbal tea at the end of the day has a positive impact on sleep and this effect can be boosted by making different herb combos. Fresh lemon ginger tea before bed brings surprising health benefits. Its aroma provides a relaxing effect and makes sure of better sleep for people who suffer from insomnia. Moreover, warm water with lemon after a heavy meal helps in digestion and offers better sleep.

Lemon water benefits heart health

It is evident from research that lemon fruits have a high amount of vitamin C that can fight heart diseases more effectively than clinical medicines. lemon juice has hesperidin in trace amount that reduces cholesterol level and keeps blood vessels flexible which in return reduces heart strokes.

A comparison between the benefits of cold lemon water versus warm lemon water

One can take lemon juice in cool and warm water easily as both carry similar health benefits. However, cold lemon water in the summer season provides a more refreshing effect than lukewarm water. Lemon juice in cold water in the morning burns 8 more calories than warm water. But both have the same effect on the metabolic system. Cold lemon water benefits during exercise as it maintains body temperature and the potassium content of lemon prevents the rise in blood pressure.

Lemon oil benefits

Lemon health impacts can be categorized under a broader umbrella. It contains flavonoids that contain Kaempferol that will be available to use by inhaling lime. This kaempferol is very useful in fighting respiratory diseases such as nausea and chest infections due to which it is extensively used in balms, inhalers, and other anti-congestive medicines.

Side effects of lemon

No doubt the benefits of drinking lemon juice are breathtaking but there are some concerns regarding its concentration. Juice from two lemons per day is considered safe. Lemon has citric acid which can cause tooth decay if taken in a high amount on a regular basis. It may bring harmful effects to some people as it causes acid reflux in the stomach and bone issues by absorbing oil from joints.


To transfer yourself from a normal diet to a functional diet, you must take lemon as a functional food in your diet regularly. Lemon can be taken in different forms including lemon juices, lemon teas, and making combos with other herbs. It is a super-duper, nutrient-dense food that can reduce the risk of many diseases and boost your immune system.

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