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Are you curious about what inside your food?

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If you really interested to know deep inside your food and want to know a bit more about your food then health4foodies is a perfect place for you.

This blog will focus on food, nutrition, and health. You will find the latest articles, posts, and news related to food, nutrition, and health. Here, you will find references of sources, so you can further explore on your own.

This blog is equally helpful for foodies, students, scientists, or any other person interested to know the secrets about healthy foods.

My goal is to let you know more about food and its impact on health in an interactive way.

So, let’s explore to crawl some hot topics of foods.

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Asif Khalil


asif khalil

About me

Hi, I am Asif Khalil.

I am a writer, blogger, teacher, and a food technologist. I have a master’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. I am passionate to teach children.Furthermore, I am also working as freelance content writer. I love food and passionate to explore deep inside the food. Likewise, I enjoy writing and inspiration to share some deep knowledge about food. Not only that, but I have experience in all the areas of food and nutrition. My goal is to provide as much information to my reader, so they can easily get an idea of what to eat when to eat and how to eat healthy, tasty, and delicious food. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. I am happy to address your queries.